ACS Associate – Brad Hagen, Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary), Registered Psychologist

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ACS Associate – Brad Hagen, Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary), Registered Psychologist



  • Registered Psychologist with College of Alberta Psychologists since 2009
  • Registered Nurse with College of Alberta Registered Nurses since 1991.
  • Masters in Counselling (Counselling Psychology)
  • Other: Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary); M.Sc. (Nursing); B.Sc. (Psychology)


  • Over 25 years experience in the mental health field
  • Registered Psychologist since 2009
  • Private Counselling Practice since 2007
  • Registered Nurse since 1991; approximately 3 years of direct mental health / psychiatric nursing experience.

Ways I can Help:

  • Couples, Marriage and Relationship Issues:
    • Tired of having the same old fight with your partner, without it going anywhere?
    • Feeling like you can’t get your needs met, whether it is for affection, love, companionship, or sex?
  • Mental Health Issues:
    • Struggling with depression and sadness that just won’t go away?
    • Is the stress in your life bringing you to the breaking point?
    • Wondering where your old happier self went, and how to get yourself back?
  • Losses / Grief / Life Transitions:
    • Have you lost someone close to you, and it feels like the tears will never stop and life will never be the same again? Are you regretting never being able to say the things you needed to say to them?
    • Having trouble getting over a break-up or suffered a recent job loss / disappointment, and it just feels like you are ‘stuck’?
  • Abuse / Childhood Issues / Sexual Abuse / Bullying:
    • Have you had things happen to you in the past that still make you sad or angry – but don’t know who is safe to talk to about them?
    • Are you finally wanting to forgive people for cruel or hurtful things to you, but just don’t know how to forgive so they no longer have power over your life?
  • Addictions
    • Stuck in a pattern where you need alcohol, drugs or something else to take your mind off things, but realize you need to stop?
  • Health Issues / Death and Dying:
    • Struggling with how to live a normal life with a chronic illness?
    • Struggling with a family member who is ill, or a family member who needs you to be a caregiver?
  • Larger Life and Spiritual Issues:
    • Trying to find a purpose and sense of meaning in your life?
    • Working towards some spiritual goals, but just finding it would be nice to have someone to talk to about your path?


  • I prefer to work collaboratively with you, in such a way that we work with your theory of change and/or healing (as opposed to me dictating a theory to you), and we work as a team (and equals as much as possible) to help you reach your goals for counselling as quickly as possible.
  • I prefer a style of counselling where the focus is establishing a respectful, ethical and safe counselling relationship with you; a relationship where you can feel heard, understood and accepted — and one that you feel has a good “fit” for you.
  • Where applicable, I prefer a counselling style where rather than simply treating your symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship difficulties), we help you understand the causes and roots of your symptoms, help you to heal from some of the difficulties, losses and/or traumas you may have experienced, and assist you in moving forward in your life with more courage, peace and compassion.
  • Where possible, I prefer a counselling style where we can focus on the here and now, and help you to live fully in the present moment – rather than having regrets/guilt/sadness about the past, or worry/anxiety about the future.
  • Where possible, I prefer a counselling style where we can incorporate spiritual elements into our work together, to help you find meaning in things that have happened to you in your past, and to explore a greater purpose for the rest of your life.
  • As much as possible, I prefer an approach that focuses on your strengths, capabilities and resources — so that we can restore your morale and natural problem solving abilities as quickly as possible – as opposed to focusing on what your “diagnosis” is or what is supposedly “wrong” with you.

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